Discover the Costa Brava


Start with us a wonderful yachting tour on the famous Costa Brava from Perpignan in southern direction to Barcelona

Everyone knows the Costa Brava. At least everyone has heard about it before. But do you also know the most beautiful marinas, the hidden secrets and the hotspots for a trip with your own yacht? With 3 nature reserves, more than 200 km of coastline and 17 marinas, Costa Brava is considered as one of the top yachting destinations in the Mediterranean. Fishing villages alternate with beach resorts. At the foot of the Pyrenees you can cover numerous "calas". The bizarre cliff is difficult to reach from land, but with your own yacht you can head to the most remote spots with countless bays and crystal-clear water. We will show you on which charming places on your way to Barcelona you should definitely make a stop.



Experience Catalan lust for life: every second inhabitant of Perpignan doesn't speak French in everyday life, but Spanish - and lives and celebrates like the Spanish neighbors. Discover the fascinating city of art and artists and treat yourself to a walk through the fascinating Old Town, which has almost the whole way a pedestrian zone, or the lively bar district..



The lagoon city was created according to the modern appearance of Florida as a planned city and is the right starting point for flight enthusiasts, with its own sports airport with parachute center and wind tunnel. Anyone who dares to take off from a lofty height gets a fantastic overview of 35 kilometers of navigable channels. Empuriabrava, with many sandy beaches, is also a perfect place for vacation for families with children.

cap de creus.jpg

Cap de Creus

Breathtaking views at the most eastern point of Spain: In the background of the protected area of Cap de Creus, surrounded by pebble and rocky beaches, the Pyrenees rise imposingly. The untouched landscape is ideal for a paddle excursion, hike or exploration of surrounding villages. You can also experience the spicy scent cocktail that the typical pine forests exude.



Picturesque artist village with flair: Cadaques - a village that couldn't be more picturesque. Surely Salvador Dalí who lived here also thought so. The charming place with its narrow streets and white houses, fancy boutiques, craft shops and restaurants is located around the corner on the south of the Cap de Creus and is considered as one of the most beautiful places on Costa Brava. Why? Find out here >>



"Pearl of Costa Brava" is how Roses often being called. Its rich cultural heritage and surroundings with a successful combination of beaches and nature parks make the city an attractive holiday destination. The most famous building in Roses is the fortification La Ciutadella, which hosts a series of concerts of the famous Sons del Mónsind festival every summer. An unforgettable music event!


El Port de la Selva

Among all the places around the Cap Creus, Port de la Selva probably deserves the name "small fishing village". Small, white houses nestle closely to one another. The pretty coastal town is an ideal starting point for a hike on Cap de Creus located nearby. Or just relax on the long, sandy beach between the marina and Riu Grau, which is the starting point for many windsurfers in summer.


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