Why Yacht Share Instead of Buying a Yacht?

Despite public perception, owning a yacht is not just the domain of celebrity A-listers, business tycoons and football club owners. Yacht ownership doesn’t have to be a pipe-dream, and investing in a yacht share can provide a cost-effective solution to sailing the world’s most beautiful destinations.

While the upfront price of a yacht alone excludes most people from the market, shared yacht ownership has made owning a yacht more accessible than ever before. Below, we explore the benefits of yacht share over traditional ownership for those who are yet to discover the pleasures of fractional yachting.


How does yacht share make ownership more flexible?

 How does the prospect of having a yacht at your disposal at various locations around the world sound? SmartYacht yacht share offers the independence of having your own boat but with a unique flexibility where you can access it in Dubai, the Mediterranean or Seychelles.

So how does it work? Each owner gets their own online account, from which they can pre-book their preferred time slots and see when it has been reserved by others. However, all co-owners remain independent and anonymous, with the right to sell their shares at any time. Our three-season system guarantees fair allocation of access in both peak and off-peak seasons. We ensure that the co-owners come from different countries, with a variety of ages and interests, so that their reservations are unlikely to clash. This means that you will likely always be able to use your yacht when you want it, boarding at yachting hotspots all over the world.

We also match co-owners based on their yacht brand preferences and size requirements. We are not affiliated to any particular brand, meaning that we can source our owners’ requests for famous shipyards like Princess and Sunseeker on demand.


How is the cost of a yacht share different from standard yacht ownership?

Fractional yacht ownership shares out the cost of fuel, maintenance, mooring and crew, which can otherwise create large annual overheads. Since all these operational costs are split between the owners, you get all the benefits of luxury yachting at a fraction of the cost.

By bringing together a small exclusive group of international clients, everyone gets at least three times more service for their budget.

How does a yacht share make ownership hassle-free?

Owning a yacht can be costly and time-consuming, requiring a commitment that is particularly off-putting to first-time yacht buyers. However, yacht share takes all the stress out of it. We source the vessels and crew, handle the pricing and take care of all the maintenance, so that all there’s left for you to do is relax onboard.

The SmartYacht Service and Lifestyle Package is included with every yacht share and elevates the owner’s yachting experiences to a unique level of luxury. Our all-season yacht management takes care of the administration and maintenance of a yacht including mooring, cleaning and repositioning.

If you invest in a bigger yacht a crew is supplied, or for a smaller vessel our highly skilled skippers provide comprehensive training in the safe operation of the yacht. To ensure you feel like the boat is your home away from home, our team can also store your personal effects, such as clothing and sporting/recreational equipment, safely between each booking and have them ready for your next stay. They can also take care of all of your laundry and dry cleaning during your time on board, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger.

A yacht share means sitting back with a glass of chilled champagne on deck, completely care free, with the knowledge that you are saving significant chunks of money on your yacht ownership and that you can choose to cruise a multitude of yachting hotspots. What could be better than that?

If you would like to experience the luxury yachting lifestyle without the huge costs and hassle, please get in contact for more information.


When do you come aboard?

If you would like to experience the luxury yachting lifestyle without the huge costs and hassle, please get in contact with us >>