Co-Ownership: The smart way of yachting

Yachting - some say living on seas is the last remaining freedom, other see their private yacht as their perfect floating holiday home. No matter how you try to explain this passion, there is no way to find something comparable and you will never manage to find an exact explanation. On the other hand it is - without any doubt - an investment not everybody can afford and in comparison to the value of your leisure time, every calculation seems unreasonable.

That is where SmartYacht comes into the equation. Our goal was to tailoring individual, intelligent, secure and at the same time hassle free yachting solutions. Three programs guarantee unlimited yachting pleasure and the enjoyment of the infinity freedom of the seas, whilst reducing all efforts to a minimum.

Co-ownership>> and sole ownership>> offer secure, registered ownership with a maximum of flexibility in terms of usage times and location. The Smart Yacht-Club>> is the reasonable alternative to common charter.

Imagine you get a yacht which is three times bigger then a vessel you would usually get for your investment. You can use it as you like and your preferred holidays are always available for you. The SmartYacht concept offers a all-year a round service package and the option of using all yachts of the SmartYacht fleet worldwide without further investment. Berthing, cleaning, maintenance, repairs and the management of your vessel is our business. You just step on board and enjoy your leisure time.

Gerhard Chemelli, Founder and CEO

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