Yachting pleasure without ownership -
Smart Yacht-Club Memberships

Are you looking for a yachting solution going along with a lower investment? Or do you want to try the yachting lifestyle before committing to become a co-owner? Join the SmartYacht Memberships and enjoy great yachting holidays on various yachts in the Med and several other hot spots around the globe at an unbeatable price! The existing yachts we manage are only partially used by their co-owners.

As a Vacation Member, you acquire a usage right for 6 weeks per year in a 3 years membership. Reservations can be made flexibly, quickly and easily via our online system. Simply choose you desired location and the category which best corresponds to your needs and reserve your membership.

In the Top 100 World Membership you acquire a three-years usage right of our entire fleet for just 99,000 EUR and you can spend up to 6 weeks per year with family and friends on board of your preferred yacht and location. You have access to all our yachts around the globe, exclusive concierge service and access to top 100 events around the globe.

Download the brochure or contact us for more details and the current availability of memberships >>