Selecting, surveying, transfer of ownership, maintaining and managing of a yacht involves high personal efforts and financial risks for all individual yacht owners. We are maintaining and managing various yachts of all dimensions for owners across the Med. With our expertise, 25 years of experiences and extensive network to all kinds of yacht service providers in all areas of the Mediterranean Sea and with our local representatives, we are able to keep your costs manageable and your personal efforts and risks at a minimum. Therefore, we are proud to be able to offer you a unique and comprehensive service package with our valuable and decades of experiences in Yacht Pre-purchase Consulting, Survey and Management Services as follows.

Purchase, Survey and Clearing Service

Consulting in the pre-selection stage regarding yacht brand, type and size
Due to our long experience we know which brands, types, sizes or building years of vessels are error-prone, poorly built, difficult to sell or hard to charter, etc. There are a lot of owners, who weren’t able to sell their yachts after a few years, because they did not consider the market conditions and options of reselling it at the time they purchased it. Many of them are suffering tremendous depreciations or loos a lot of money in trouble shooting simply because they choose the wrong brand, type or year of a vessel. SmartYacht with it`s experts can reduce those risks to a minimum.

Yacht (Re-)Search
We are permanently observing the yacht market of over 5000 yachts worldwide and are examining more than 100 yachts per year until we have found the perfect vessel with the best price-performance ratio for our clients.

Pre-purchase survey of
the condition of the vessel is examined in advance by one of our certified ship surveyors, to determine the value of the vessel and in order to find eventual defects or hidden damages.

Procurement and examination of all documents of the yacht
This is important to allow a secured transfer of ownership and not get ripped off by some fraudulent organizations. So many owners found themselves in the situation that they weren’t able to gain clear title of the yacht, because important documents were missing or the vessel was pledged to a bank. Additionally, every flag state has its own conventions and legislation.

Establishment and Management of a holding company in a favorable country.
This is important to protect the owner against any liabilities arising from incidents or crew members and also to gain a proper VAT paid status within the EU and establishing a sound solution for VAT in case of charter income.

Constitution of an inviolable protection of the property for the owner
Protection against bankruptcy and liability in any case

Re-registration of the Yacht from the old owner to the new owner
This is a multi-pronged process and must be performed professionally. Otherwise, the yacht could temporarily be chained by authorities and a usage may not be possible for months.

Approval and Coding as commercial yacht under MCA code
This is essential for the seaworthiness and safekeeping of the yacht, professional chartering and/or to claim considerable tax benefits.

All-Year Yacht Management

Obtaining of a suitable berth (e.g. a good location is essential for chartering)

Organization of a comprehensive insurance coverage
For the vessel, third party liability, crew and charter business

Search, selection, recruitment and training of the crew
For a hassle free enjoyment for the owner and their guests, a sustainable charter success and also to maintain the value of the vessel a dedicated crew is essential. This must be managed and monitored as in any other company.

Drafting of crew contracts and employment of the crew in an independent crew agency
e.g. in order to exclude liabilities or claims made by any crew members against the yacht owner or the holding company

Payroll service and holiday surveillance of the crew

Organization of yacht maintenance
e.g. drafting of maintenance schedules for regular maintenance intervals, obtaining of the best technicians, annual shipyard appointments, supervision of the works, etc.

Establishment of an emergency plan
e.g., the yacht breaks down on a cruise -organization of emergency operations and repairs, obtaining spare parts, etc.

i.a. review of the captain account, preparation of financial statements and tax declaration in the country of domicile, etc.

Charter Management

Connecting the yacht to our global network of charter and travel agencies

Negotiation of the charter terms with prospective charter guests

Pre-selection of charter guests

Exhibition of charter contracts

Debt surveillance proceedings of charter fees

VAT declaration and settlement of the charter fees in the respective charter country

Communication, customer relations and advertising efforts for the entire charter business