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SmartYacht brings the right Partners together


Beginning as early as 2009, SmartYacht has been developing innovative yachting models with added value and considerable advantages over conventional yacht ownership. In proceeding along this path, it has revolutionized the yacht market in a sustainable way. Indeed, regardless of whether you already own a yacht and wish to operate it economically, for example, or if you are looking for a yacht share or an opportunity to jointly own a yacht is, - the company brings together the right yacht partners. From the 10-meter sports boat to self-steering on inland waters, from chic sailing yachts in the Mediterranean to the elegant 50-meter yacht in the Caribbean with or without crew – according to the motto "Search - Offer", yacht owners and interested parties can find the ideal match and a tailor-made solution to meet their individual needs.

The concept of co-ownership or ownership is simple: First and foremost, it is about keeping minimizing the costs of acquiring and maintaining one's yacht by involving other co-owners. At the same time, you want to use the yacht, but individually and flexibly, and you thereby wish to enjoy all the benefits of one´s own yacht. SmartYacht solves this through a sophisticated system that combines shareholders with different usage preferences to avoid overlaps. A 3-season system guarantees each shareholder the availability of his yacht in every season. In addition, shareholders are all mutually secured other, and everyone can individually determine when he wants to resell his share.

In order to create maximum flexibility – both for yacht owners and yacht owners - SmartYacht offers a variety of services that can be flexibly used in accordance with the desired service level. Basically, yachts are divided into three different categories: In the category Standard Yachts, SmartYacht facilitates merely the data exchange between the yacht owner and prospective customer and makes available, upon request, the applicable contract. In the case of the category Approved Yachts, an expert opinion of the yacht is also acquired. By contrast, the vessels of the category Premium Yachts are managed directly by SmartYacht with appropriate quality requirements, i.e., SmartYacht manages and maintains the yacht throughout the year, arranges mooring, insurance and crew, keeps the bookkeeping fair and transparent, secures the shareholders against default and bankruptcy and offers them a wide service package which includes the settlement of all purchasing formalities, access to a comprehensive on-line reservation system and the stay on board, where each owner always finds his personal equipment as well as own bed linen and monogrammed towels

If you do not (yet) wish to enjoy the benefits of (share) ownership, you can alternatively purchase a SmartYacht Club membership and thus acquire a right of use for a certain yacht category (starting at 29,900 EUR) for three years and then flexibly spend up to six weeks per year with friends and family aboard different yachts. Thereby, operational costs only apply if a yacht is actually used. As a result, yachting becomes a relaxing experience without obligation and on attractive terms. The yacht owners thus remain the independent owners of the yachts, but through the release of it in the realm of club membership they yield a profit and can thus reduce the maintenance costs to a minimum.

SmartYacht has a global network of yachting industry service providers and covers yachting hotspots around the world with service stations in Mallorca, the Riviera, Croatia, the Emirates and the Seychelles. Yacht owners and parties interested in a share or a joint usage can register online at quickly and without any obligation, defining their personal desired and demands, searching for and thus finding the ideal match.

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Dr Harald Raetzsch, Yacht Co-Owner

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