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SmartNews June 2017: Yacht of the month: Sunseeker 66
SmartNews June 2017: Yacht of the month: Princess 50

SmartNews May 2017: Classic yacht jewel for co-ownership!
SmartNews April 2017: Ultimate yacht deals at the Mallorca Spring Date 28 April - 2 May
SmartNews January 2017: Invitation @boot 2017: Join the most exclusive yacht club of the world
SmartNews August 2016: New fleet member Princess 50 - hot deal!
SmartNews April 2016: Invitation to Mallorca: Yacht Viewing & Champagne @sunset
SmartNews January 2016: New locations, new concepts, new offers!
SmartNews May 2015: Yachting Deals of the Year - Come aboard in 2015!
SmartNews March 2015: Hot yacht shares spring 2015
SmartNews August 2014: Yachting Myths & a Celebrity Yacht Share!
SmartNews July 2014: Azimut 58 - A brand new highlight offer for you!
SmartNews May 2014: Luxury yachting from 9,900€!
SmartNews March 2014: Watch SmartYacht live now!
SmartNews December 2013: Put your yachting dream under the Christmas tree!
SmartNews October 2013: It's show time now!
SmartNews August 2013: Enjoy a Rendez-Vous with us in South France!
SmartNews August 2013: Exclusive Fractional Yachts 2013!
SmartNews June 2013: Hot offers at new stations!
SmartNews May 2013: New dream yacht offers for you
SmartNews February 2013: The best way to prevent from winter depression!
SmartNews December 2012: Join us for unforgettable moments!
SmartNews December 2012: Early Christmas gifts from SmartYacht!
SmartNews October 2012: Don´t rack your brain any longer! Become a co-owner!
SmartNews July 2012: Longing for the sea and the summer?
SmartNews May 2012: Bigger yacht & more luxury for your money!
SmartNews March 2012: Get one of the hot yacht deals 2012!
SmartNews January 2012 - Co-Ownership Fairline 68 Mallorca
SmartNews Nov 2011 - 24m Luxury: Deal of the Year!
SmartNews Sept/October 2011 - Longing for the Sea?
SmartNews July/August 2011 - Report of a Fractional Owner
SmartNews May 2011 - Welcome to yachting paradise!
SmartNews March 2011 - Visitation days
SmartNews Dec. 2010 / Jan 2011 - Special fair offers for you!
SmartNews Oct./Nov. 2010 - New offers in South France/Croatia
SmartNews July/August - Summer on the Azimut 70
SmartNews June 2010
SmartNews May 2010
SmartNews April 2010
SmartNews March 2010
SmartNews December 2009
SmartNews October 2009 - first edition

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