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September 2009

SmartYacht "on tour" in Cannes

September 2009

Following a team-up with SmartAIR, an innovative brand for fractional ownership in the aviation sector, SmartYacht had the chance to present itself through brochures at the Festival de la Plaisance 2009, taking place in Cannes, France from 9 - 14 September. The stand of SmartAIR right next to the entrance and only a few steps away from famous Croisette provided an ideal platform for meeting the target group.

Marketing partnership with SmartAIR

SmartAIR, providing the 1st D-Jet fractional ownership solution in Europe, and SmartYacht agreed on developing an intelligent marketing cooperation together in order to reach its clientele the best way. Due to the fact that target groups of the two brands are similar, synergies can easily be created in order to achieve a benefit for both brands in terms of brand awareness, image and customer attraction. Read more about SmartAIR within the SmartYacht Lifestyle Guide and on the company's official website.

Inspection of BENDIS

Besides various meetings with cooperation partners and customers, SmartYacht took the chance to personally meet CheoyLee's director, Mr. Adrian Alle, during the stay at the French Riviera. Focussing the integration of high quality yachts within the programme, SmartYacht also inspected BENDIS, a CheoyLee Bravo 95 yacht located in San Remo, Italy in order to see the masterpiece of Cheoy Lee from a luxury point of view for oneself.

SmartYacht at the stand of SmartAIR

Gerhard Chemelli, BM SmartYacht & Stephane Ledermann, CEO SmartAIR

Inspection of BENDIS in San Remo