FAQ's on Fractional Yacht Ownership

Transparency and consistent customer orientation are main success factors of our business. Please find the major FAQs of SmartYacht below. If you have any other individual question and would like to have access to all FAQs and answers concerning the ownership structure and legal issues, please click here to register and receive all FAQs>>

1. What does SmartYacht do?
SmartYacht offers yacht co-ownership of motor yachts with or without crew (>45ft) in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian Ocean or in the Persian Gulf. The concept is based on the following principles: secured ownership (no time-share!), flexible usage and multiple additional value compared to conventional yacht ownership.

Please have a look at basics to get an quick overview!
2. What does it cost, and what exactly do I get for my money?
You pay the share price to acquire a share in a yacht plus the proportionate annual costs. In return, as co-owner you acquire a ownership of the respective yacht and a guaranteed right of use.

In the framework of an offer, the annual costs consist of the basic operational costs (administration, mooring, yacht management, maintenance, insurance, etc.) as well as the services pursuant to the SmartYacht service package (shopping service, personal items aboard, etc.). In the detailed cost calculation, the particular cost positions for the respective yacht will be individually calculated and transparently demonstrated. The annual costs indicated by us in the offer will be based on previously determined empirical values and shall be valid throughout the current year. At the end of the year, all payments made will be listed and deducted in a transparent manner. Given this result, a calculation will then be made for the following year - similar to real estate property.

In addition to the annual costs, a maintenance and repair fund for each individual yacht is being set up. The contributions to the fund will be applied exclusively to cover current repairs and maintenance work on the yacht. Following the sale of the yacht, unused portions of this fund will be proportionally refunded to the shareholders in relation to their respective share of yacht ownership - similar to real estate property.

Please have a look at the financial section to find out more about the (annual) costs and compare co-ownership with charter and full yacht ownership!
3. What’s the SmartYacht membership program and what advantages have co-owners?
In the framework of the SmartYacht membership program, SmartYacht gives the shareholders the opportunity to generate income by temporarily allowing other SmartYacht members to use the yacht. Thereby, each shareholder waives part of his/her long term reservation rights at the beginning of the year and SmartYacht releases these time periods to SmartYacht members – contributing to the operational costs.
4. How often can I use the yachts?
Generally, there are no usage limits. However, each owner has a preferred right to reserve certain weeks per season (according to share size) up to one year in advance as desired. A 3-Season System facilitates the fair distribution of rights of use among the shareholders and guarantees the availability of the yacht for every shareholder in the summer, mid and winter season. Thereby, the right of each shareholder to reserve in advance will be equally divided for each of the following three seasons:

Summer Season: approx. beginning of June to the end of September
Mid Season: April, May, October, November
Winter Season: approx. beginning of December to the end of March

Distribution of advance reservation time periods per share
Example 1/4 share: 6 weeks advance reservation time periods per year - 2 weeks in each season (summer, mid, winter)
Example 1/3 share: 9 weeks advance reservation time periods per year - 3 weeks in each season (summer, mid, winter)

The remaining free periods are available to the co-owners for spontaneous, flexible usage, maintenance, overhauling or repairs
5. How can conflicts be avoided, if several co-owners wish to use the yacht simultaneously?
SmartYacht assures that the co-owners of a yacht come from different countries, so that time conflicts can be avoided in the vacation calendar. Additionally, each owner has the opportunity to define certain preferred usage times when concluding the contract.
6. How will conflicts among the co-owners be avoided?
The co-owners are, both in terms of their respective co-ownership as well as with respect to their usage, anonymous and completely independent of one/each other. In this regard, they do not come into contact with one another and there are thus no points of conflict. SmartYacht is open to all co-owners as a neutral contact partner and shall coordinate, as necessary, among the co-owners – of course, anonymous.
7. What other costs are there besides the proportionate annual costs?
Additional expenses can only be incurred for fuel, mooring, port fees and special requests such as additional crew members not covered by the quotation, food, catering, etc.
8. Where are the yachts stationed?
The yacht locations depend on client demand and are spread all around the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean, Persian Gulf (Dubai) and the Indian Ocean (Seychelles). Other destinations will follow.
9. What models and brands of yacht does SmartYacht offer? Can I influence which models are added to the fleet?
SmartYacht offers three classes: SPORTS, EXECUTIVE and LUXURY, covering a wide range of 45- to 150-foot motor yachts from established brands.

SPORTS class: > 45 – 60ft (ca. 14 – 19 meters)
EXECUTIVE class: > 60 – 75ft (ca. 19 – 24 meters)
LUXURY class: >75ft (> ca. 24 meters)

Depending on their size and the specific offering, the yachts are sailed by their co-owners or a crew. SmartYacht is not affiliated with any particular make of yacht and can therefore meet individual wishes.
10. How does SmartYacht guarantee the quality and condition of purchased yachts?
SmartYacht is committed to only offering yachts in excellent condition. All newly purchased yachts have first been approved by a profession independent marine surveyor.
11. Can I see the yacht before committing?
Prospective clients are welcome to inspect offered yachts at the current locations by prior arrangement.
12. Will I have access to other vessels in the SmartYacht fleet?
Within the scope of our multi-yacht program, co-owners can use any other yacht of the same or a lower class for a little cost contribution to the running costs of the particular yacht chosen. This system maximizes our yacht co-owners access to other destinations and yachts and extending their yachting season to the entire year (e.g. summer in the Mediterranean – winter in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean or Persian Gulf).
13. How are the yachts and crews insured?
Every yacht is fully insured against all kinds of damage caused by collision or natural forces. There is also a liability insurance policy covering damage caused to third parties by the yacht or its crew. Crew members are also covered by medical, accident and liability insurance.
14. How do I reserve a yacht?
With our online reservation system you can see at a glance which yachts in the SmartYacht fleet are available. You can log in and make reservations well in advance or at short notice (see below).

You can make advanced reservations for the yacht you own a share in. As soon as you purchase a share, the calendar for the yacht concerned is made available for reservations up to 12 months in advance. From then on, you can reserve the yacht as you please on a first come, first served basis for up to your maximum advance reservation time allotment. The system automatically ensures that the yacht is available to each fractional owner during part of each season (summer, mid, winter). (summer season: June - September, mid season: April, May, Oct., Nov.; winter season: Dec. - March)

Short-term reservations (i.e. no sooner than seven days and no later than 48 hours in advance) are possible beyond the preferred blocked usage times. There are no additional costs except fuel, provision, etc. If you use another yacht within the scope of our multi-yacht, multi-location program, a little cost contribution to the running costs of the specific yacht is due and of course for fuel, provision, etc. The amount of the cost contribution is depending on the yacht size and can been seen in the online reservation system.