Fractional Boat Ownership -Views from our co-owners

Customers are the best reference for us because nobody could explain SmartYacht fractional boat ownership any better than those who have tried and experienced it on board. Please have a look and find inspiration for your own yacht sharing dream in our references listed below:

'I've been aboard for five years now and already have my second yacht thanks to SmartYacht. Everything is perfect here - price-performance, transparency, fairness and quality.'
H. Raetzsch (Switzerland)

'Co-Ownership makes sense to me: With SmartYacht I can afford my floating 70-foot residence in the Med for the same price that a 35-foot boat would cost me on my own.'
T. Weidemann (Germany)

'SmartYacht makes dream yachts affordable. I would never have bought a yacht in the Mediterranean on my own. Having your own yacht means high costs and a high level of personal stress. With SmartYacht, I have all the benefits of owning my own yacht, but without the high costs involved in purchase and maintenance.'
H. Grabher (Liechtenstein)

‘With fractional boat ownership by SmartYacht I don’t have any personal efforts, no dealing with stuff, suppliers or other co-owners. I can really enjoy my precious leisure time on board to the full!’
M. Miller (UK)

I am often asked about the difference between SmartYacht, its competitors or charter offers. SmartYacht has proven to pay the attention to detail in a very similar, profound but yet discreet manner as it is attributed to the founder of Apple Computers and the products he created. Striving for perfection comes down to immaculate service, not just applied to the yachts but every detail: contracts, qualified crews and excellent local staff. SmartYacht provides the ideal combination of yachts, crews and service for every individual.

The investment is solid. Using what you own provides first hand feedback about your investment on a regular basis. Only very few do really have the time to benefit from 100% ownership. SmartYacht's yacht sharing offer allows to tailor the investment exactly to your individual schedules and likings. We enjoyed Cote d'Azur on a perfectly prepared and crewed high end yacht and can explore the islands of Croatia on our own and in full privacy next time, everything being perfectly prepared when we arrive. We take off and make the best of our limited and therefore so important leisure time. A smart investment for those of us who want to combine a demanding professional career with sustainable recreation.

H. Raetzsch (Switzerland)