Live like a millionaire without spending a fortune - Yacht shared ownership

Owning your own yacht means high costs in overheads per annum, plus considerable personal time and effort for management, maintenance and care. The chartering of a yacht brings with it on the other hand the agreeing to expensive offers and without the "money back guarantee" that would come with the sale of the yacht. Therefore, the financial benefits of yacht shared ownership versus conventional ownership are obvious: You are simply mitigating your risk and save money in various areas just like acquisition, maintenance, management or mooring. With conventional yacht ownership, budgets usually dictate the size of the yacht you will own, whereas with SmartYacht yacht shared ownership, you enjoy a much larger yacht of a higher standard with that same budget.

The numbers count for themselves: Have a look at the example!

Azimut 62

Example based on 1/3 share, yacht to fly solo and without permanent crew on board; purchase price of 639,000 EUR; yacht based at the location Sibenik, Croatia
You buy 100% of the yacht! You rent the yacht! You are 1/4 co-owner!
Purchase Price 639,000 EUR 15,000 - 20,000 EUR 159,750 EUR
Annual Costs 50,000 - 80,000 EUR - PROPORTIONATE COSTS
(fair split!)
Framework - no crew
- high personal effort
- crew on request - crew on request
- incl. management
Usage per year flexible 1 weeks flexible (minimum 9 weeks per year)

For more details pricing about the fractional boat model, the ownership structure, buying and selling shares as well as legal issues, please visit our FAQ section or contact us directly!