5 Key Factors for a successful yacht share

The concept of a yacht share puts the expensive asset “motor yacht” within easier reach for the discerning and ambitious. However, co-ownership can be successfully optimized, only if you consider the five key factors:

Secure Property: The Yacht Share belongs to me!

Particularly in current times, you might be asking yourself how to make the sensible investments and how to protect your property the best way you can. Co-ownership is often mistaken for yacht timeshare models which do not involve actual ownership. Indeed, there is often a degree of uncertainty here. The innovative and legally certain structure of SmartYacht protects co-owners to the maximum extent possible against external access (with regard to credit risks and the risk of indebtedness or insolvency on the part of other co-owners or insolvency of SmartYacht AG), making it far more secure than a yacht timeshare.


As a co-owner, it is important to enjoy the flexibility of a complete yacht owner. Thereby, the property must be clearly separated from other co-owners, in order to guarantee free usage for all individual co-owners. At SmartYacht, you are in complete control of your ownership, anonymous and completely independent of other co-owners – you can sell your share at any time.

Flexible Usage of the Yacht – completely according to my needs!

Using your own yacht when you desire and have time, that’s the goal. You wish to enjoy several weeks of your family vacation or to have short-term business appointments aboard? That’s easy, as long as there are clear rules of usage assuring flexible access to the yacht. With a 3-season system, SmartYacht guarantees the availability of the yacht for each owner in every season. Additionally, co-owners having diverse interests origin, age and interests are carefully coordinated and combined to avoid over-lapping in the vacation calendar.

Fair and transparent Costs

Sharing costs with others is good and smart. Nevertheless, one should make sure that these are fairly and proportionately divided according to the yacht share percentage. SmartYacht presents all fixed costs in a transparent and comprehensible manner. Accordingly, there are no unexpected expenses, and you only pay for what you own and use. More information regarding costs >>

All-Around Service: I don’t have to worry about anything!

Your well-deserved time aboard is already limited. Therefore, you don’t wish to waste time making beds, unpacking beverages and checking the motor. Co-ownership functions only if you have a professional management which is dedicated to supporting and coordinating the co-owners. SmartYacht offers you as co-owner an all-around package – allowing you to maximize your free time with your friends and family.

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